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Our Values

The Ritter man wants to have a meaningful impact on his industry without causing unnecessary harm to his environment. So we reject the wastefulness of “fast fashion” and instead create garments that are well-constructed and timeless, keeping them in your closet and out of landfills. We also focus on sustainability from sourcing to sewing, choosing premium materials and manufacturing our products in a female-owned factory in Peru that shares our environmental and socially-responsible ideals.


We are relentless about comfort, fit, and utility, and it shows in the details. Our Alpaca Merino wool blend provides warmth when it’s cold but is also incredibly breathable, making it perfect for all temperatures. The pockets give you secure storage for your wallet, keys, pens, passport, and phone, while also keeping in mind that you have two hands that would appreciate some pocket real estate of their own.

We do our best but we can’t all be ‘that guy’. You know, that one friend of yours that miraculously has the same build he did in college? That’s not us. But maybe it’s you. Either way, we build our vests to fit everyone, regardless of how many times a week you hit the gym.

We sourced the best, from the best, for the best. We’re not handcuffing ourselves to a tree anytime soon, but we believe in buying products that don’t trash the planet. We make our vests with sustainable and natural fibers like Alpaca and Merino wool, sourced from the Peruvian Andes and manufactured in a socially-responsible, female-owned factory in Arequipa, Peru, which is both GOTS and WFTO certified.