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Our Story

I’m a vest guy. Let me explain. 
My love affair started in 2011, when I moved from New York to battle the microclimates of San Francisco. As any college-athlete-turned-buffet-connoisseur would tell you, figuring out what to wear to work became a challenge. Sportcoats and suits weren’t necessary for the industry I worked in, nor were they comfortable to wear, but wearing just a button-down every day didn’t feel right either. I wanted to be comfortable in variable weather, to look pulled together, and have enough storage to carry everything I needed on my commute to work.
Enter the vest.

I wore mine everywhere. It was what I felt most comfortable in during meetings, it was my most trusted travel companion, my drinking buddy at happy hours, and the one piece of clothing I would always grab on the way out the door on weekends. My arms were screaming with freedom, my core thanked me for the warmth. It was, and still is, the most versatile piece of clothing in my closet.

Fast forward to 2017. The vest had become a hero of my work (and weekend) wardrobe, but it often felt like I was falling into a stereotype that didn’t fit me. The ‘tech bro’ or ‘finance dude’, all marching around with the same little rectangular label on our chests. I complained about it to my wife (as one does), who challenged me on the subject (as wives do). “Why don’t you make something better that’s more true to your brand?” So I took a good, long look at what I wanted and I got to work.

That is where the Ritter Vest was born.

I sourced premium materials that don’t trash the planet and I added specialty finishes that will keep it in your closet and out of landfills for years to come. I partnered with a female-owned factory in Peru that shares our environmental and socially-responsible ideals. The result: a better option. Something that is lasting and an everyday piece that the modern working man can be proud to wear.

So if you’re a vest guy like me, if you want something more unique, more versatile, more comfortable, and more environmentally-friendly, I invite you to try our vest, and into our fam. Welcome. 

Zach Jonas
Founder, Ritter